Working on a startup is frustrating and here’s how you can combat it

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There’s no doubt starting a new startup can feel lonely, depressive, and frustrating. That’s mostly because we have no idea where we will end up and lose control.

Embrace the chaos and accept it. Here are 3 tips that really helped me get on the right track and not lose focus working on my ideas.

Exercise and eat clean

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Working on the next “billion-dollar idea” is super fun at times and can lead to long working hours. As much as we do it, our bodies aren’t designed for such long stationery activities. Our body wants to move and feel healthy. Exercise daily, exercise often. If you don’t exercise, take up new hobbies such as running or lifting weights to keep being sharp while being mentally and physically balanced.

Eating “clean” is massively overlooked. Being a founder doesn’t mean you can ignore a balanced diet. While I’m not an expert on nutrition, I keep my diet to very low carb and low processed food not feel the “sugar crash”.

Communicate with your users early and often

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Being lonely is definitely something I’ve faced, and I have a co-founder who we chat with daily. Being a solo founder can be extremely lonely, if not, more power to you.

Easy way to move forward and fighting loneliness is doing pre-sales and finding early users. If you’re chatting with your users daily, you will stop feeling lonely and you get into the crucial feedback loop for building the right product people want to use.

I understand how difficult being a founder is, which is why I’m building a platform for founders and investors to connect, bond, chat and display their updates, and it’s free!

Find what’s bothering you and fix it

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I know this sounds intuitive, but we tend to dwell on things that are bothering us, but not actually going as far as fixing them.

For example, I live in a relatively very small apartment, which means I can hear any noise coming from my apartment.

One night, my freezer started to make really annoying squeaking sounds, but only during the night. I had to ping my landlord three times so she would finally get it replaced. Life was improved by 10%.

Find the small things that are bothering you and fix them. The apartment is messy? Clean it up. Did the car break down? Sell it and get a bicycle.

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